Issue 01: An Inside Out Look at Women's Club Ultimate


In college, my major was Art,
but if I'm being honest, it was Ultimate.
My painting teacher once told me,
"If you spent as much time painting
as you did playing Frisbee
you would be a much better artist."

Alden Fletcher, Fury


It's relatively rare in our culture to find groups of women
empowered to pursue something that they love together,
take ownership of it, and use it to express themselves
physically, mentally, and emotionally. In fact,
I frequently look at my female coworkers and wonder
what the hell they do with all of their free time...

Sarah Griffith, Riot


The women's division is filled with total women superstars
that take their team on their back, whether for the whole season
or just a single point. The role models in my life growing up
have always been female club players on women's teams
and getting to play alongside them now has only opened me up
to that many more inspiring female role models.

Emma Kahle, Bent


Playing ultimate gives me the opportunity to be the best version of myself.

Jenn Kwok, Traffic

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IO Magazine is a photo magazine project dedicated to ultimate. We seek to give our readers an inside out look at the sport we love and to highlight ultimate in a way that has never been done before.

Our first issue is focused on the women's club division and we invite players to share their thoughts and reflections on the 2013 season by clicking here. We will be accepting submissions through Feb. 8, 2014.

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All photos © 2013 Tino Tran